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CrissColfer Is So On !!!!!!!!

My name is Tonya. I love both Chris Colfer & Darren Criss so much !!!!!!!  I am a hardcore CrissColfer shipper. * I do not multi-ship CrissColfer with anybody but each other. * I also ship Klaine from “Glee. I do not multi-ship Klaine with anybody else. Please note: This is NOT a Learren, OverCriss, DaLeaStreet, Pezberry, Faberry, Blam, Brittana and Hummelberry friendly blog.  I’ll follow you back as long as you do NOT……I repeat do “NOT” ship: Kadam, Kurt/Karofsky, Blaine/Karofsky, Kurt/Sebastian, Blaine/Sebastian, Miarren, Chill, and/or especially Chillarren !!!!!!
Oct 22 '14

Chris and Darren are soulmates.


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Crisscolfer have brought us such beautiful chemistry on and off screen. We as fans need to stick together through the good times and the bad.

Oct 22 '14
Oct 22 '14

Viola Davis is a freaking tour de force. As she slowly peels back her wig, her eyelashes and wipes away her makeup, you can just see Annalise come undone. She doesn’t say a word, but you can feel the pain radiating off her. It gave me the chills. (x)

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Oct 22 '14

Kurt is my soulmate.

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Oct 22 '14

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Oct 22 '14

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Oct 22 '14

Chris is such force of nature and I was so proud of him and what he created and what he’s done and his honesty with his life and the way he works.”

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Oct 22 '14



A friend and I were talking about “I don’t mind” we were discussing  the phone and what was possibly happening

we both had theories - but one that we both liked the idea of - and was highly probable - was Darren had Chris on FaceTime - so he was singing to him live. It was one of the two theories with Iphones that you don’t have to touch the phone to keep it active.

That discussion about “I don’t mind” made me think of a video I had seen of Darren singing “Teenage Dream” and remembering that his phone was out again - but this time there was a mishap - and my memory of what I heard was foggy - so I wanted to verify.

 I went looking for it - and found this video of him singing at the Northalsted Market Days  in August of 2011 (after Glee live - for time reference) for the full video of  “TD”- you can see it here:

I edited the video for just the part in question - the phone mishap occurs right at the top so be prepared

Notice what it is that Darren does

he IMMEDIATELY looks at his own cell phone

When we hear a sound that is not expected - where do we look - at the SOURCE of the sound

  • Question: does he NOT know his own ring tone? why would he look at his phone first (he even picked it up to check) if that is NOT where the sound originated?
  • Then Darren, in very short order, stalls and hesitates and plays it off as he decides what to do with the situation

He playfully blames the sound on one of his band members as a diversion


  • Cause he isn’t going to say that his boyfriends house phone just went off in the background of his phone while he had him on the line (possibly on face time like during ”I don’t give a damn”
  • LISTEN carefully to the phone ringing - I fully realize that a cell phone can be programed for this ring tone - but let’s play the degree of probability that THAT ring tone is either Darren’s or someone in his band - Yeah - I think not.
  • That is the classic sound of a house phone.

We, my friend and I, feel VERY strongly that Teenage Dream is THEIR SONG - and Darren sings it for them a lot of the time (Do I even need to bring up Toronto and the day they had that lead to that performance)

it is one of the few songs he is VERY protective of 

  • he almost always asks people to NOT sing along and just listen.
  • I even read once on a fan page “a guide to attending a Darren Criss concert” - there were a few things but one was “don’t sing along during Teenage Dream”
  • remember this interview when he was so playful about other songs and mocked them - but when it came to Teenage Dream he feigned loss of memory (there was NO WAY he would do that to the song that launched so many things - including the first song he sang to Chris on Glee)

this was still in the first year of their relationship - they had just returned about a month earlier from Glee live

I would wager that they have gotten quite good at being sneaky - and just because we don’t know Chris is “there” doesn’t mean he’s not in some fashion.

Again just a theory - but an interesting one - I will certainly never be able to prove it - but there isn’t anyone who could dis-prove it either (except Chris and Darren themselves)

So - I am going to choose to believe the high probability of both of these incidences - that Chris was indeed on the other line (just by Listen up - he made sure there wouldn’t be a phone going off in the background)

Smart boys are just smart!!

Still going strong!

Oct 21 '14

Every Glee song ever 
Love Is A Battlefield

Oct 21 '14