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CrissColfer Is So On !!!!!!!!

My name is Tonya. I am a big fan of Chris Colfer & Darren Criss. My Favorite TV shows are: Glee, DeGrassi, Sam & Cat, The Soup, Queer As Folk, FRIENDS, Boy Meets World, Drake & Josh, TMNT, SpongeBob SquarePants, Law & Order: SVU, WWE Wrestling and The X-Files. I am a hardcore CrissColfer shipper. * I do not multi-ship CrissColfer with anybody but each other. * I ship Klaine from “Glee” I also ship Cheddie/WilSon. I’ll follow you back as long as you do NOT……….I repeat do “NOT” ship Kadam, Miarren, Chill, and/or especially Chillarren !!!!!!
Jul 23 '14

Reblog this if you’re a CrissColfer shipper. No questions, just do. It’ll make sense later.

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Jul 22 '14

A CrissColfer Masterpost


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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 22 '14

Max wanted to play Kurt´s boyfriend but then he saw them (CrissColfer) and he knew it…

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Jul 22 '14


I was wondering if you ever made the connection between Blaine cooking for Kurt on Sunday mornings and in Darren’s song Any of Those Things, he says “Is he gonna cook on Sunday?”? Because Glee totally ISN’T a documentary.
oh, nonnie - I LOVE the way you think!!
No I had not made that connection before.
And yes you are right - it is a Sunday morning in Glee land!!
And it is Sunday when Darren says he does breakfast in bed!
I think about how loving and attentive these two are toward one another and it brings a whole new level to that scene doesn’t it
When the day came to shoot this scene - inspiration comes from the actors and the choreographer - I’ll give you one guess who came up with a lot of the ideas! :) 
can you imagine - a morning off - and one or the other decides to make breakfast for the other.
They spend so much time just laughing and basking in each others presence - they are a couple of genuine goof balls
hanging out in the bathroom and so synchronized around the toiletries they share and use
being near each other
holding each other
Just being them
Now I’m just having all sorts of feelings! Thank love! :)
Glee may not set out to be a documentary - but they frequently fail miserably at the undeniable parallels!
Jul 22 '14


G4 convention Max Adler Q&A talking about his friendship with Darren Criss and the glee cast

“One of the first day on the set him (Darren) and Chris went to a concert together, because Darren had a spare ticket. It’s like, they’re meant to be.”

Jul 22 '14


Just saw Chris’ interview and the part where they talk about Brian the flash pics of him up on the screen and when they get to the pic with the one where /someone/ is wearing pajama pants with birds on them, Chris says “Too much love, too much love.” He also again said “We just got a dog.” Thoughts?
First - Chris wears a shirt EXACTLY like Darren’s
Second - the question was COMPETELY set up and pre - planned.
Sharon says, “we have heard Chris … you have a diva living with you. who is causing drama.”
Half way through her question - Chris responds with “yes”
had he not been prepared for the question of who he is living with (he currently has three other people living in his home - yet he goes directly to Brian)  he would have hesitated much like he did the last time he was asked a question in this cryptic way about Brian.
hesitate & divert
But there was none of that  - so yes it was planned
which then means
 the pictures were pre-planned
Chris and/or his team (but most likely chris) chooses two photos of Brian.
Then as the second photo is shown he says not once but TWICE “too much love”  The exact wording from his IG post in September 2013
We should believe that he randomly remembers EXACTLY what he said almost a year ago on a random IG post?!
a post and especially the attached picture that has been analyzed and scrutinized multiple times
so, we either believe that Chris has an amazing spur of the moment memory - or he had something he wanted to say - and found a way to do it cryptically!
Just for fun - the tail end of the video (at 57seconds) I slowed down the moment when Chris said “too much love, too much love”
watch his body language!
He watches the screen intently and takes in the photo
the side to side hand exaggerated hand gesture (more common on Darren than Chris)
The huge smile
He lowers both of his hands to his thighs and rubs them back and forth as he diverts his eyes briefly down
when he looks back up from 1.03 on he is fighting a huge grin and laugh
Are you listening?!
Then to top it off - he makes the point of again saying
WE got a dog & WE bought three beds for the dog.
Don’t stop listening to him all!! :)
I only label it as obnoxious - cause that’s how I roll!
Jul 22 '14
Chris Colfer on The Talk 2014

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Jul 21 '14
Jul 21 '14


I posted this some time ago - but after yesterdays news from Max - I am kind of flailing over it being confirmed!

it just astonishes me - I get serious goose bumps - I hope we get the full story from them one day. how they spent the day on set laughing and giggling and discovering they had so much in common - they couldn’t tear away from each other - as the day got closer to an end they both knew they didn’t want it to end - so they went to dinner then a concert (cause Darren doesn’t ever sleep and he planned to go if he got off on time) and Chris had just met the wild wirlwind Darren Criss and was fangirling over his harry potter crush and couldn’t say no - and I’m just kind of freaking out about it!


This might have been discussed before…

But I was doing some looking around for information

and - pieced together something I hadn’t realized before.

I always assumed that Chris and Darren had met BEFORE Darren’s first day on the glee set with Chris based on:

The first day I met Chris we had dinner and I was like ‘Wow, this is an awesome partner’. - Darren Criss,  ‘Behind The Glee’ – Special Education.


(The original video has been deleted, but the clip is at minute 0.56 of this video:

But then I saw this quote from Chris:

You and Darren Criss have very good chemistry on the show. Did the producers get you and Darren together before The Warblers started and gauge what kind of chemistry you had? How did you sense that you and Darren would do pretty well right away?

Chris: I don’t think they did. I think they just kind of gambled it. I had never met Darren until the first day that he started working on the set. But I don’t know, I think we have great chemistry because we’re both huge nerds, and we’ll both tell you for hours like all the nerdy things that we’ll do, and we’ll do together, and the same ‘Harry Potter’ this, ‘Star Wars’ that, stuff that we’re into. So then we kind of bonded over just both being huge geeks.

And just as a reference of time leading up to their first encounter:

And, lastly - this video interview with Darren:

(scroll down a little:

He states: “I auditioned Monday, Got the part Friday, Flew to NY - spent half a day recording - back to LA - onto the set”

So their first day together on set:

Lead to conversations and immediate chemistry

What’s it like working with Darren?
Chris: Great, I’m a huge, nerdy fan of Darren’s from his Harry Potter musical, and I told him that the first day that I met him. I don’t think he believed me. I was maybe a little star struck actually.

Big/long quote from Darren:

This next one is from Jamie. Have any of your Glee cast mates seen A Very Potter Musical and have you talked to them about it?
Darren: Yes, actually! Somebody else just asked me about this for the first time and it took me by surprise. The first thing that Chris Colfer said to me was, he was like, “Hey, nice to meet you, man! I’m a big fan of A Very Potter Musical,” and I was like, “No way! You’re just saying that.” Because what I thought was he was just being very sweet and cordial. He probably found out I got the part and he probably Googled me and the first thing that came up was A Very Potter Musical. I would never assume in a million years that anybody who I ever meet will have actually or was familiar with the shows. If you’re just looking up someone online for like two seconds, you’re not going to watch the whole thing – it’s tough. So I just assumed that he was being sweet but just mentioning that and acknowledging it and so I thought that that was a nice enough gesture. And then later, upon hanging out with him more, I realized – he was like, “no, I like know the show.” He would quote it and he really knew the show more than anybody that I had ever met on set anywhere, because anytime I work in anything, nobody really knows about this double life I lead. They just assume that I’m just this actor on the show and that’s all I do. So that was the first time where somebody I was working with was really familiar with my other life, so that was really, really cool and we got to bond a little bit over that. We got to geek out over a lot of musical theatre things. So yeah, Chris has seen the show and he as said very kind things about it and it definitely meant the world to me when he did.


At the end of their FIRST  filming day - per Darren’s words “the first day I met Chris we had dinner”

They left set and went out to dinner to continue the conversation they had been having ALL day on set between takes.

Their connection was so immediate they didn’t even want to part at the end of what was certainly a long day


I have done a post on it before - and thought at the time it was crazy - but their pupils were dilated during the filming of Teenage Dream and the blush on Chris’ cheeks at one point is real (which I was surprised when I really watched it). So yes, they are both fantastic actors, yes they were in Blaine and Kurt mode - but

The attraction between Chris and Darren was just as immediate as that between Kurt and Blaine (that is why the chemistry was all over that room and in the close ups)

They may not have become CrissColfer immediately - but all the potential existed from the start.

I call it obnoxious - because that’s how I am - but I don’t think it is! ;) (for the record)